Egdon Heath Harriers

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Runner List - Puddletown Plod Road Race
10:00 10-Jun-2018

Runners entered so far: 67

Bib NoNameClubCategory 
Van BryantEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal (def from 2017)
James OfferPoole ACm 40+PayPal (def from 2017)
Alison DonnisonBustinskin Triathlon Clubf 50+PayPal (def from 2017)
Aaron BeatonWestbourne RCm seniorPayPal (def from 2017)
Andy DavidsonUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal (def from 2017)
Andrew ThomasUnaffiliated - Puddletownm 50+PayPal
Rebecca SilvesterUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf seniorPayPal
Khalil GhabaeePoole Runnersm 50+PayPal
Tristan ProctorUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm seniorPayPal
Brian FieldsEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Charlotte HillEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Alexandra DoorEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Catherine Abery-WilliamsEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Peter WilesRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
Elinor ClarkEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Helen BullEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Simon TandyRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 50+PayPal
Dale WoolleyRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 40+PayPal
Darren GrummittEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Ben MurrayUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Julie OrtonRoyal Manor of Portland ACf 40+PayPal
Mark AndrewsEgdon Health Harriersm 50+PayPal
Tom RigbyRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
Matthew AmesEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Frances JohnsonEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Jo BarrettEgdan Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Laura CornwellPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
Caroline MorganEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Robbie MorganEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Scott CivilEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Colin SomersPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Jason BraybrookeUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
Francesca CuffRoyal Manor of Portland ACf seniorPayPal
Paul MurrayUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
Deborah MurrayUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
Paul BeareEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Christopher PriorEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Michael GravelleUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Olivia HetreedEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Sarah LongdonEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Faye LawPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
Jason HancockPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Chris HallEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Joanne BrookesDorchester RIOTf 40+PayPal
Bruce CampbellEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Stella CampbellEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Richard CottleUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
Carol BakerHamworthy Harriersf 60+PayPal
Rachel JonesDorchester RIOTf seniorPayPal
Karen CroadEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Sarah MatthewsEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Delia CarrUnaffiliated - Weymouthf seniorPayPal
Laura BurtonUnaffiliated - Verwoodf seniorPayPal
Simon Nicholas TattersallUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
Simon PatelEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Robert ScottUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
David LongdonEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Amanda StubbsUnaffiliated - Dirchesterf 40+PayPal
Catherine Macer-WrightUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
Emma ShorePoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
Spencer ClarkUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 60+Postal
Wendy BrittonUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf seniorPostal
Bill BrittonUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+Postal
Kelly AmosPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
Steve AmosPoole Runnersm seniorPayPal
Neil SextonPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Artur MajewskiPoole Runnersm seniorPayPal

Race numbers are collected on the day of the event from Race HQ, and will not be posted out in advance.
If your name is not shown here and you believe it should be, then please contact the webteam with your details.